December 9, 2021

LeadBoSki: A Smart Personal Assistant for Leadership Support in Video-Meetings

Benke et al. 2021 - Published at CSCW

Leading teams effectively is an essential factor for team performance. Main events where leaders practice leadership are video-meetings which are core elements of remote teamwork. However, leading teams is challenging. In particular, in video-meetings, leadership is complex due to limitations such as aggravated understanding of social signals and team dynamics.

Voice-based smart personal assistants (SPA) such as Amazon’s Alexa can provide real-time support and have the potential to maintain effective leadership in video-meetings. Therefore, we developed the SPA LeadBoSki for real-time leadership support in video-meetings. LeadBoSki detects leadership potentials in video-meetings and sends leadership potential advice to the leader. Pilot study results with two real-world teams (n=9) show a positive leader experience and stimulating behavior by the leader for the team members’ motivation. Our work contributes with the SPA LeadBoSki as the first SPA for leadership support in video-meetings of its kind and as a potential use-case for future workplaces.